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Expert Lawn Care Services in Lehi, UT

Your outdoor area is supposed to look healthy and lush at all times. However, maintaining it can be quite time and energy-consuming. Fear not because Lomeli Landscaping is here to help! Based in Lehi, UT, we provide professional lawn service and many other solutions to keep your space in good condition.

Professional landscaping service

What We Offer

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is one of our specialties, designed to keep your space in optimal condition. Whether you need affordable lawn mowing or any other service, our expert team can provide it for you. We possess the equipment and knowledge to execute this task professionally and efficiently.
Christmas Lights Installation

Christmas Lights Installation

As soon as the holidays approach, creating a festive mood in your property can lift everyone’s mood. Our team can safely and effectively install beautiful Christmas lights according to your preferences. We will make your outdoor area shine, and you can rest assured that everyone passing by will be impressed.
Block Wall and Retaining Wall Installation

Block Wall and Retaining Wall Installation

An essential part of any lawn care service is installing a block and retaining wall to safeguard your space from floods or extreme weather conditions. Our crew will ensure sturdy and durable constructions. They not only protect your land but look stunning and increase property value.
Irrigation System Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Irrigation System Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

An irrigation system is crucial in ensuring your lawn is always evenly and well-watered. If you don’t have it yet, we can install it after determining the perfect place. If, however, your irrigation system is not working as it should or needs regular maintenance, we can provide you with quality solutions, too.
Patio Pavers Installation

Patio Pavers Installation

The first step to achieving a beautiful and long-lasting nation in your outdoor space is installing durable and beautiful pavers. Simply choose the design and let our company handle the rest. We will install the pavers precisely and with attention to detail, ensuring a stunning patio area where you can relax.


If you wish to have plants that hardly need watering or maintenance, xeriscaping is the perfect service. We can landscape beautiful slow-growing plants that will conserve water and reduce the need for trimming. It allows you to save energy and money in the long run.
Fence Installation

Fence Installation

Installing a beautiful fence protects your property and provides privacy. There are many material options you can choose from, and our team will ensure that your construction is sturdy and matches the style of your outdoor area.
Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Snow removal usually takes a lot of time. Our professional team can help you handle this task so you won’t have to spend all your energy clearing your yard. We possess the correct tools, so you don’t need to worry about providing anything.
Sod Installation

Sod Installation

As a sod installation contractor, our company can make sure your lawn is always healthy. Sod requires less irrigation and also prevents soil version. Entrust us with this task, and let us protect your yard, giving it a strong foundation.

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Client Testimonials

by G. L. on Lomeli Landscaping
Very Impressed!

I am delighted with the regular professional lawn service! The team has been taking care of my space for quite a while now, and I am truly impressed by their knowledge and expertise.

Benefits of Working with Professionals

Choosing to work with professional lawn care specialists will save you tons of time, especially if you have a larger property. Your lawn will look great as experts have the experience to ensure everything is just so.

How We Work

At Lomeli Landscaping, we conduct a full assessment of your lawn to determine its needs and provide quality solutions. Our professional tools and materials further help us take care of your space.

Areas Served

We provide quality lawn services to all clients in Lehi, UT. Now, you can also benefit from our expertise if you are in any of the following areas:

  • Highland, UT
  • Bluffdale, UT
  • Lindon, UT
  • Alpine, UT
  • Cedar Hills, UT

Ready to give your lawn the care and attention it needs? Contact us today, and we will demonstrate our professionalism!